our goals

We aim to bridge the gap between the Islamic world and Europe; strengthening bonds on both sides, between those we often consider a million miles away. In today’s political climate, it becomes all the more important that we remain united as a force of good across borders.

You may feel that this is a hopeless attempt, or too small a project to ever make a difference, but the tiniest individual efforts can have the greatest outcomes. The plans for our company could start to make a real difference and allow everyone to dream big.   


Our Principle

With tourism declining within Middle Eastern and Arabic countries, it is the responsibility of supportive individuals in the West not to leave locals who are dependant on our tourism without business and trade.

Zwina Habibi is a new bond between the two countries, a catalyst for connection between two cultures and a beacon of amicability on a small yet important scale between two different yet remarkably similar groups of people.  

We want to support and enhance the creativity and expertise of as many individual Moroccan artisans as possible. We use only the highest quality leathers and fabrics, hand picked by us from sellers within the souk. 

Our craft

No two Zwina Habibi items are the same. Each bag or pair of shoes comes with its own slight differences reflecting the personality of the individual who made them.

We reject mass production - it reduces the quality of craftsmanship and originality and forces wages to unacceptably low levels.

We look after our Moroccan producers so that they can develop and then pass on their knowledge to future generations.

We keep our costs low by cutting out shops, warehouses and middlemen which means we can give more money to the people actually making the pieces and charge little to our customers.

Please see our Artisans page for interviews with our craftsmen.